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Services Sucre+: At service of innovation

SUCRE+ Services in a full-fledge division which is in charge of proposing services dedicated to sugars.

All of our warehouses are FSSC22000, organic and fair-trade certified.

Bulk storage tank

We have 3 silos for sugar storage.

We do not melt the different types of sugar but we separate origins and qualities.

Temperature and hygrometry are periodically controlled.

Package storage

We have 3 warehouses storing only sugar.

  •  Cestas  2800M²
  • Libourne : 1500 M²
  • L’Herbergement : 3000 M²

Temperature and hygrometry are periodically controlled.

Bags are palletized and stacked or coughed up..

Our warehouses are located in the West of France, at 100 km away from ports. Cestas and Libourne are at 250 km from Spain.

Packaging – Private Label

We can load tank trucks or liners

We can also pack with you own label in:

  • Big bag
  • 50 kg paper bag
  • 25 kg paper bag
  • 20 kg paper or plastic bag
  • 5 kg paper bag
  • 1 kg, resealable or not, plastic sachet
  • 2 kg resealable or not, plastic sachet
  • 750 gr resealable plastic sache


We can sieve sugar into the granulometry you need: from thinner to bigger.

 Then, sugars can be transported in tanks or packed.


We can grind sugar in order to obtain icing sugar.

There is the possibility to add an anti-caking ingredient.

Shipping container for export

With our handling mobile conveyor, we can load containers bag per bag, big bags or pallets.

Powder melting and crushing

We can melt different ingredients as long as they are in powder state and they do not included common allergens. Then, the blend is crushed.

It can be packed in 15 kg paper bags.

Breaking lumps of sugar

If your sugar is full of lumps, we can give them back their fluid aspect. Sugar processed in our facilities, goes through a certain number of magnets, a sieve and a metal detector.

Break lumps

New technologies are the best way to keep expectation of our customers at the heart of our work.